15 Best Ways to Improve Your Skin Tone

These days having skin issues is very common. Almost everyone is suffering from some skin issues or skin tone issues. There are many different reasons which cause skin tone problems. And the reason could be pollution, UV rays, lack of sleep, lack of drinking water and various others. We all know, it is hard to maintain our skin in our busy schedule of work and other various activities but if we maintain, we can improve our skin issues or skin tone. Few things are there which we definitely can adjust and can follow to maintain or improve the skin tone. Especially those who are suffering and want to get relief from skin issues. Skin issues happen generally to those who have sensitive skin or oily skin where various external or internal factors make it awful. But these issues can get solved or improve if we follow some ways which definitely can help in improving skin tone or other various issues. So, let's discuss further and know more about the best ways of improving skin tone which everyone can follow and apply on their skin and can experience the difference.

15 best ways to improve skin tone

Following listed 15 best ways would surely help you to improve your skin tone if you attend carefully considering all the goodness for your skin.

Scrub your face with honey and olive oil

Prepare your own homemade scrub or pack where you just need two ingredients that are honey and olive oil. Both honey and olive oil are considered as the best components for the skin. You can prepare this pack or scrub every day for your skin whenever you get time. This pack needs a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of olive oil which you can apply or massage or scrub in your face for a few minutes. People having oily skin can add lemon to this mixture and can apply which can help in improving skin tone.


Exfoliate your skin

Dead skin gets buildup every alternative day if we do not care much and to get rid of the dead skin one has to exfoliate the skin every day. You can easily prepare a homemade exfoliating pack with a mixture of a little amount of coconut oil and two spoons of rice powder. Combination of these two really acts as a good mixture which you can rub or scrub to remove your tan and improve your complexion.


Facial steam

Another way which is very good for deep cleansing is facial steam. Instead of using normal water to clean your face, spare a few minutes and give steam to your face which helps in cleansing all the dirt from your skin pores. Do this at least once in a day whenever you feel and see the difference. Also, you can add some lemon peel to the boiling water and can take steam for a while and then pat with the clean soft towel. Vitamin C is very good for brightening your complexion or skin tone. There is Vitamin C serum available in the market and another platform like zoopping which you can try for an effective result.

Cleansing with Rose water

Well, we all know how good rose water is and how effective it is. Cleaning your face every day with rose water is also one of the effective ways to improve your skin tone. Rose water works as an anti-inflammatory which helps in reducing redness of the skin. Cleaning your face every day with rose water definitely would make your skin feel fresh and also helps in enhancing the complexion or skin tone. You can also prepare rose water in the home, all you need is fresh roses and clean water.

Moisturising your skin every day

Moisturising helps to maintain hydration of your skin. Moisturising every day with a good moisturiser or any good skin oil can help you reduce the dryness of the skin and give rise to radiance on your skin. Hydrating skin would surely boost the complexion of the skin. As a moisturiser, you can also apply Vitamin C oil which you get the best from Zoopping. Vitamin C  works amazing in improving skin tone or complexion.

Orange Peel mask

Knowing all the importance of vitamin C, you can get Vitamin C from the orange as well. Using orange peel as a mask helps in brightening your skin. It is easy to prepare this orange peel mask where you have to grind the fresh orange peel with the cold milk and have to make a paste. And then apply this paste on your face and neck twice a week. This orange peel mask is also a good and effective idea to improve your skin tone and complexion.

Aloe vera treatment

When it comes to skin, aloe vera is also one of the great elements for the skin. Now you can give your skin an aloe vera treatment at your own home. Keeping two spoons of aloe vera gel as the main ingredient, add a half spoon of turmeric and one spoon of honey in a container and mix it nicely. Now apply on your face and neck and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wipe off using the cotton balls or pad rinsed with cold milk. And then clean your face with the water after wiping off with the soaked cotton pad. This treatment will enhance your skin elasticity and complexion. Aloe vera is also good for acne-prone skin and helps in reducing the dark spots of acne.

Homemade Banana face pack

Banana also acts perfect for rejuvenating the skin. Preparing this homemade banana face pack is easy where you have to prepare the mixture of banana, unsalted butter and honey. To make this mixture, add two spoons paste of ripe banana with one spoon honey and some unsalted butter. Mix all the components nicely and then massage on your face gently for a few minutes and then remove the pack by using a warm washed cloth. You can also use homemade malai (thick layer of milk) in place of unsalted butter. This pack will enhance your skin texture and improve your skin tone.

Homemade natural bleach

Bleaching your skin on the right duration of time is also one of the best ways to improve your skin tone. There are various brands in bleaching cream available in the market but you can prepare your own bleaching cream at home easily. To make this homemade bleach, you need two spoons of lemon peel powder or orange peel powder with one teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of lemon liquid and one teaspoon of baking soda. Here, baking soda acts as a bleaching agent. Now you can apply this homemade bleach on your face which helps in removing pigmentation and helps in improving your skin tone. Applying this bleach twice a month at least makes your skin glow gradually.

Apply natural toner twice a day on your skin

Toning your skin every day is a good way to maintain your skin fresh and clean. Toning helps to clear all the dirt from the skin pores and helps in improving the texture and quality of the skin. Prepare toner in your home naturally with the mixture of an equal amount of rose water and apple cider vinegar. Then soak cotton balls or pad into the prepared solution and wipe your skin with it. And rinse after 2 minutes. Toning with this natural homemade solution will remove the dead cells and impurities from your skin and leave your skin soft and brighten the tone.

Egg mask for skin brightening

Most of the people are not aware that egg whites can work wonders on your skin as an egg has astringent properties in it. This element helps in tightening your skin by shrinking your skin pores and also improves your skin tone. To prepare this egg mask for skin brightening, you have to mix two teaspoons of cornflour powder with one egg white, make a paste and apply on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and when it dries, clean it with normal water and caress with the clean dry towel. People having acne on their skin can put in lemon juice on their pack for better outcomes.

Cucumber face pack for fairness

Cucumber is not less than any other natural component which also helps in improving skin tone. You can prepare this cucumber face pack by combining peeled cucumber pieces with sandalwood powder and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this natural cucumber face pack for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water and caress dry with the clean towel for glowing fairness skin tone. Lemon plays a vital role in skin and for overall health. Here cucumber helps in detoxifying your skin and helps in cleaning your pores for healthy glowing skin.

Apply sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is always a good idea which helps in protecting your skin from the dangerous radiation of the sun known as UV, UA. Not just while stepping outside you should apply sunscreen but also apply when you're at home because these radiations can penetrate even indoors.  This sunscreen protects from pollution too which is another external factor which damages the skin. Applying sunscreen regularly can help in maintaining the skin texture and can improve in skin tone. Always choose a good brand and suitable SPF of sunscreen considering your skin type for better results and apply regularly.

Homemade coffee scrub

Coffee helps in reducing tan and removing all dirt from your skin pores. And scrubbing your face twice a week with this coffee scrub can definitely change your skin texture and tone. You just need one spoon of good quality coffee with one spoon of sugar and one spoon of coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients together nicely and scrub your face gently. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and clean it with cold water and pat dry with a clean soft towel. This homemade scrub is easy to prepare where coffee plays essential ingredients as it contains caffeine which helps in deep cleansing of your skin that can improve your skin tone.

Taking proper sleep and water

Well, along with all the other necessary things drinking enough water and having proper sleep is also important for the skin. Drinking an adequate amount of water keeps your body hydrated and so your skin for a radiant glow. Drinking enough water at least two litres per day helps in flushing out the toxin from your body and helps in improving the skin appearance and texture. And proper sleep also helps equally in boosting the blood circulation of the body while resting, leaving your skin a fresh and healthy glow. It is important to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep for the whole body which ultimately reflects on your face.


Last, you must have noticed in above-mentioned ways that lemon is common in almost every homemade pack. Yes, vitamin C plays an important role in brightening skin or improving overall skin issues.  Having lemon and honey tea or having lemon water for your body is a good way to keep your body and skin healthy and fit. You also might have heard about vitamin C oil or serum these days which is trending all over the place, that works effectively for brightening the skin. This vitamin C oil does not just help in brightening skin but also helps in tightening the skin pore and improving your skin texture. This oil works as a moisturiser as well which also makes your skin soft and smooth and helps in appearing younger with radiant. You can easily get this vitamin C oil or serum at Zoopping which deals with great quality of oil or serum and other cosmetics for the skin. And I am sure, above given 15 ways are enough that you should consider and try at home and follow it for improving your skin tone.