8 Best Ingredients to Reduce Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots

Are you suffering from hyperpigmentation? Do you know the dark patches on your face take place when there is an excess production of melanin. Melanin is the dark pigment which adds black colour to the hair, skin and the eyes. Hyperpigmentation and dark spots can take place through different factors such as excess production of melanin, inflammation, excess hormonal imbalance. No one wants a face full of dark spots, right? Dark spots on your face, makes your face look pale. There are different ways to remove hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Acid peels after post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a very common practice. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition which can lead to skin inflammation. Here in this article, I will discuss some ingredients which can give you relief from your dark spots and give you clear glowing skin.

Let’s list the magic ingredients which will give you a face free of dark spots

  •   Azelaic Acid
  •   Hydroquinone
  •   Glycolic Acid
  •   Kojic Acid
  •   Retinoid
  •   Vitamin C
  •   Mandelic Acid
  •   Soy

How do these ingredients help you in removing your dark spots?

Azelaic Acid

This skin lightening agent is very less talked about but is one of the best for skin care and helps you in having a flawless skin. 10% of azelaic acid serums can be used on the dark patches of your face. It is an oat and wheat extract which helps in controlling abnormal pigmentation on your face. 

How Azelaic acid helps in reducing hyperpigmentation?

Not only does it remove black spots and hyper pigments but also removes acne and pimples. Azelaic reduces inflammation which makes the pimples, blemishes and acne less visible. It removes the dead cells and helps to heal your skin faster. This acid is extracted from wheat, barley and rye. Applying this product twice daily will remove the dark patches from your face and will give you clear skin.

Benefits of Azelaic Acid

It’s anti-microbial properties act as an effective skin treatment. It is available in cream, gel or foam forms. It helps in the turnover of cells, the dead cells are removed and replaced with new cells which in turn removes the dark spots from the face.

Precautions for using Azelaic acid

There are also some precautions you should take before using azelaic acid on your face. While using azelaic acid of any form, you cannot use deep cleansers. This acid can make your skin burn and cause irritation. This can make your skin dry and also peel your skin. In case of an extreme reaction or of cases with sensitive skin, it is advised to consult a dermatologist.


Hydroquinone is an agent which helps in removing the dark spots from your face. It decreases the production of melanin on the skin thus preventing hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Hydroquinone helps in brightening of the skin by removing the upper affected layers of the skin.

How Hydroquinone helps in reducing dark spots from the face?

It helps in lightening the dark patches from your face. It removes age spots, melisma, hyper pigments and most other unwanted spots from your face. It lessens the production of melanin on the face. It is available in cream, lotion topical solution, gel and emulsion forms.

Benefits of Hydroquinone

This lightening agent has to be used twice daily to have a better skin free of dark pigments. Hydroquinone bleaches the skin and helps in removing all types of hyperpigmentation. This substance decreases melanocytes present in the skin. This produces melanin, excess of which causes dark patches on your skin.

Precautions to be taken before applying Hydroquinone

Applying hydroquinone on sensitive skin without the prescription of a dermatologist can cause side effects like skin irritation, redness of the skin, dryness and peeling of the skin in the applied area, dermatitis and some other side effects. Though Hydroquinone is proven safe for human use, basic precautions should be taken before using it.

Glycolic acid

This is obtained from sugarcane and is very helpful in exfoliating the skin. This chemical exfoliant helps in removing the dead skin cells and helps in having clear and glowing skin. It is a peel of acid which peels off the unwanted dark patches from your face. Glycolic acid is the way to have smooth skin.

How glycolic acid helps in having a clear face?

Glycolic acids dissolve in water and oil, thus going deep into the oily pores and cleaning them up. For treating your hyperpigmented skin glycolic acid peel is the best. Get this treatment done to look young and remove all the wrinkles. 

Benefits of Glycolic Acid

If you want a refreshed look then you must try this exfoliating treatment. Glycolic acid has antibacterial effects on the skin and dissolves the active acne and patches from your skin. You should use a light peel of 20-30% of glycolic acid if you are a beginner.

Drawbacks of Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid has some negative effects as well therefore you must be cautious before applying it on your skin. Improper use of glycolic acid peel may cause irritation, redness or discolouration of your skin. 

Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid is very helpful for removing hyper pigments and dark spots from your skin. It cleans up the face and gives a fresh look to your skin. Kojic acid removes the dead cells and clears up the skin. This helps in reducing the pigmented spots. I use this depigmenting agent wherever I have dark patches on my skin. 

How Kojic Acid helps in preventing excess production of melanin on the face

This acid is derived from fermented rice and is very good for your skin especially to eradicate the excess production of melanin on your skin. It lessens the activity of pigment cells and reduces excess hormonal reaction on the face.

Benefits of Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid curbs the production of melanin on your skin. This adds it also has a lightning effect on your skin and removes the dark patches from your face. It helps in removing the dead cells and replacing them with the lower layers of your skin. Though this is a very slow process, it is effective.

Drawbacks of Kojic Acid

One must use kojic acid in low concentration as it may cause allergic dermatitis. Inflation, irritation and redness of the skin are some common side effects of this ingredient. Those with sensitive skin type should use this kojic acid only at nighttime that too at a small quantity.


Retinoid stops the production of excess melanin in the skin and thus prevents it from having dark patches. It increases the production of collagen and prevents rough skin.

How Retinoid helps in removing hyper pigments from the face?

Retinoid helps in reducing the excess formation of melanin on the face. This is very helpful and removes my dead skin cells. This product also helps in skin lightening and clears the bacterial pores.

Benefits of Retinoid

Retinoid removes the dead skin cells leaving the skin clearer than ever before. It helps in dissolving the outer skin and brings up the lower layers of the skin.

Drawbacks of using Retinoid

Dryness and shedding of the affected skin are very common. Deep peeling can cause severe irritation and rashes.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only helpful for your skin but is also helpful to keep your body fit. Applying vitamin c serum on the hyperpigmented areas of your face works on making them clean. Vitamin c is a tropical antioxidant that keeps away free radicals from entering the skin. 

How Vitamin C helps in having clear skin?

Vitamin C being a tropical antioxidant prevents enzyme processes taking place on the skin. It helps in cleaning up the dark pores and gives a young and patch free look. it also has a lightning effect on the skin. Vitamin C has beneficial and very effective results on the skin.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C only lightens the targeted area of the skin and not the whole face. Vitamin C serum is very helpful and has personally helped me a lot while I had a lot of pimples and acne. It is a depigmenting agent which lessens the production of melanin in the skin. Vitamin C has a huge list of benefits brightening up the face being one of them.

Drawbacks of applying Vitamin C on Dark Spots

 The most common side effects of vitamin C are irritation, redness and dryness of the skin. Vitamin C serum can also cause some allergic reactions when applied on sensitive skin without the consultation of a dermatologist.

Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid is mainly known for clearing out blemishes from your face. It exfoliates the outer layer of the skin if it is full of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The lower layers of the skin are revealed. it is gentler than many other acids such as glycolic acid. It helps in improving the texture of the skin.

How does Mandelic Acid help in removing dark spots from the face?

 Mandelic acid is one ingredient you must add to your skincare regime if you have dark patchy skin and hyperpigmentation. This acid is derived from almonds and is light on the skin than most other acids. It is an anti-ageing ingredient.

Benefits of Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid helps in the turnover of the cells. It removes the dead cells which make the skin dull and full of dark patches. It strengthens the collagen which helps in building up a healthy skin. It helps in removing hyperpigmentation and discolouration. It also prevents your skin from having acne and wrinkles. 

Precautions to be taken before using Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid is suitable for all skin types. Even on a sensitive skin which acid can be used. Though redness swelling and itching can take place if not applied in the proper quantity. Skin irritation may also take place so if you are facing any problem in using this ingredient you must consult a dermatologist before applying it on your skin.


Soy is the extract from soybean plants. This ingredient is known to brighten up the skin and remove the dark patches from your skin. It reduces the amount of oil on your face and cleans the oily pores. It is also a skin lightening product and removes the outer layer of the skin when applied on a regular basis.

How Soy helps in preventing dark patches on the skin?

It reduces the production of melanin on your skin so that dark patches do not form on your skin. Soy prevents melanin from entering the top layer of the skin and thus preventing it from having hyperpigmentation. This helps you to have a bright and clear face. Soy extract is an antioxidant and helps to keep the free radicals away from the skin.

Benefits of using Soy

Its anti-inflammatory property is a great benefit for the skin. It helps in repairing hyperpigmentation and dark spots very easy easily. It has to stop the ageing effect on skin and makes your skin look younger. It helps in holding the elasticity of your skin.

Drawbacks of Soy on the skin

Soy extract can have allergic reactions on your skin satyrs irritation, redness and dryness. It may cause rash and itching as well where not applied under proper conditions. Thus be very careful while applying these ingredients on your skin.


In this article, I have listed the most effective and the most tried and tested ingredients which will help you to overcome skin problems like hyperpigmentation and dark spots. These ingredients will help you to overcome all your skin problems when they are used properly. These will help you to brighten up your skin and prevent wrinkles from coming on your face. But using a large quantity of these acids on your face may harm your skin permanently. So use them wisely and only when it is needed. Now that you have come to know the best products to improve your skin quality, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab the best ingredient.