8 Effective Ways to Reduce Double Chin

Let's start knowing from the beginning with the term double chin. Well, we all are aware of the term which is also understood as submental fat, a common disorder that arises when a layer of fats shapes below the chin which makes your chin look like double. That made it called a double chin in simple words. Double chin generally correlated with the weight gain, but this submental fat may build-up for a number of justifications. Some get this through Genetics, those with the family record of having stubborn fat or sagging skin are more inclined to formulate a double chin.

Not just this, there are other various medical conditions also which may cause a double chin which includes sinus infection, an underactive thyroid, kidney disorder, salivary gland breakout and Cushing's diseases. And we all know this may depress a number of people when double chin appears to them but they do not have to worry as there are various ways or exercises which can help to get rid of or reduce it. Yes, in this post you will get all effective ways in details which seriously can help you get rid of a double chin.

Effective ways to reduce double chin.

There are certain exercises by doing which you can reduce your double chin. Let's discuss all the exercises or ways in detail. 

First, always remember to warm up your body part by doing warm-up exercises before doing any other exercises. It would help your muscles get flexible or get ready for further difficult exercises which also prevent muscles cramp or any other pain.

Chewing gum.

One of the slow but effective ways to reduce double chin is chewing gum. Though it sounds unusual or strange but chewing gum regularly may bestow an overall beating of fat in the chin area as it involves trivial workout for the face muscles especially jaw.

Most of the people who love to maintain a diet prefer chewing gum after their meal which makes them avoid taking further snacks. By this, chewing gum can really help the people who are trying to lose their weight by reducing extra calories from their diet. 

Whistle facing the sky or at the ceiling.

This exercise is considered as the great for reinforcing the muscles and giving the neck muscles a break from your desk job whenever you want. Sit back nicely with giving straight posture and relax the shoulders. Now, tilt-up your head facing up the ceiling or sky and make your lips in the shape when it appears while whistling. Your lips should be loosened or relaxed but held tightly sufficient to realize the compression on both angles of the neck. Depending on your convenience level, carry this position for 20 seconds and repeat this exercise at least ten times in a one sitting for better and effective results.

Squeezing ball through the neck.

Another way or exercise which helps in reducing double chin is squeezing the ball through the neck. A very easy and simple exercise which you can do whenever you want easily. It is good to keep your exercise tool around you or on hand to remember your exercises so that you can not skip it. For this exercise, you need one ball of size between 5 to 10 inches as per your convenience and suitability so that you can squeeze the ball easily and effectively. This exercise is great if you do on a sitting position with a relaxed shoulder and straight back. Position the ball under your chin and squeeze the ball through your neck by pushing down the chin against the ball in a firm and steady motion. You can repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times on your every sitting. 

Pouting stretch

Pouting stretch is one of a simple and effective way to aim the neck muscles or chin. You can do this exercise either seated or standing as per your wish, where you have to squeeze your lip out as distant as you can forming a pout. The term pout is not new for everyone for sure. Hold this pout position for 5 seconds. Now with that full pout position, use the neck muscles to tilt down the chin towards the chest maintaining the posture of the upper back without moving it. Again hold the position for 5 seconds and let the muscles relax and then start again. Repeat this exercise 20 times or until your neck muscle senses the workout.

Yawning lion 

This is again the simplest and effective way or exercise where you just have to open your mouth widely and have to stick your tongue out as far as feasible exactly like a yawning lion. When the lion yawns, their mouth gets open widely with their flexible huge tongue out stretching their muscles. This exercise is exactly the same as a yawning lion that is why it is named as a yawning lion. This exercise is considered as great as it helps in strengthening various muscles including face, neck and chin. Stand or sit with a comfortable or relaxed posture. Now, open your mouth similarly like you yawn as broad as you can while enlarging your tongue out as far as you can stretch. The muscles of the chin, jaw and neck would tighten if you are doing it correctly. Extend your tongue out for 10 seconds or as per your convenience and relax. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

Kissing the sky

This exercise is similar to earlier mentioned whistling facing the sky and pouting. A mixture of both with slightest differences. For this exercise, you need to stand straight and restful with the shoulders and arms relaxed and loose. Now, tilt-up your head watching towards the sky and pout the lips and try as if you are trying to kiss the sky by extending as far as possible, stretching the muscles from the face. Assume it is going well or you are doing correctly when you feel your neck and chin muscles getting flexed and comfortable. Hold this posture for 10 to 20 seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 to 20 times each set. 

Sideways stretching the neck.

Sideways stretching your neck is a very beneficial and healthy asana or yoga which helps in reducing double chin effectively. This exercise can be done easily where you have to sit straight with your head stern and back straight. Now stretch your neck towards your right side as far as you can slowly in a steady motion. And repeat the same towards your left side giving a few seconds of pause in the centre. Make sure you do this right and nicely to prevent muscle cramp. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 15 times every day. This might take a few months to get an effective result. 

Smile with slight stress and pain.

This exercise helps in reducing persistent double chin by grinning or smiling but with the flicker of stress or pain. In this exercise, you have to make the O contour  With your mouth by covering your teeth with your lips. Ile widely by covering your teeth properly, teeth shouldn't be visible. Repeat this practice for 5 to 7 times. Now place any of your fingers on the chin. Repeat this exercise with the exact posture resisting your finger fixed for the next counting times. Now you need to tilt up your head by trying to push up your jaw maintaining the posture. By doing this you will start feeling some pressure and can locate the slightest difficulty, but this is very effective and considered as the steady way to reduce double chin and to get the perfect structure with time.


Apart from the above-mentioned ways or exercises, there are other ways as well which may help in reducing or overcoming double chin. There are few treatments or surgery which some people prefer for quick results. They are listed below:-

  • Surgery
  • Some people choose the incursion technique to get rid of a double chin. In surgery, there are three main techniques which one can choose for treating double chin as per their suitability. The first surgery is known as Mesotherapy which implicates insulating medicinal compounds into the area of the chin to eliminate fat. This process requires up to a few months and may require over 100 injections. 

    Second is Kybella which involves drugs which are approved by the FDA and United States Food along with up to 50 injections inserted in the fat tissues. This process includes six solo treatments every month.

    And the third is Liposculpting which involves laser or suction for removing fat from the area of the chin. This process helps in removing fat by maintaining the elasticity of the skin. 

  • Diet
  • A proper and healthy natural diet can help in reducing the double chin, especially if it's existed due to extra weight gain. Lessening the amount of calories consumed each day can really help some people to get rid of a double chin. It is found in the study that drinking lots of water helps in removing the fat from your body. It is also believed that people who drink water before their meals lose their weight or fat than people who do not. Along with the water, water-rich fruits and vegetables like cucumber or watermelon help in removing toxins from the body and helps in reducing weight.

  • Facial mask
  • There are many facial masks as well that are available which benefit in tightening the skin and discard the aspect of a double chin. Facial masks like green tea mask, caffeine and glycerin mask can help in supporting the regular exercises. Another homemade mask which includes honey, lemon juice and egg whites also assists in the removal of fat around the chin area to some people.

    Frequently asked questions 

    How can I remove my double chin?

    There are various simple and easy exercises that help in reducing double chin which you can attempt. Also, there are some surgeries called Kybella, Liposculpting and Mesotherapy which works differently but with one aim that is to reduce the fat from the chin and make it perfect in appearance.

    Can drinking plenty of water help in reducing the double chin?

    Yes, it is believed that drinking lots of water helps in removing fats from the body. If your double chin has occurred due to weight gain then drinking water may help in reducing your double chin. People drinking water before their meals lose their weight more effectively, so yes you may consider this but along with maintaining a healthy diet. 

    Does massage help in reducing double chin?

    If you got a double chin due to your ageing or sagging skin then yes facial massage can support in reducing double chin. Giving massage to your face and neck can lift and tone the muscles and reliefs lymphatic drainage which makes your chin lifted and perfect.

    What are the causes of a double chin?

    Double chin is also commonly known as submental fat which appears when a membrane of fat shapes below the chin. It causes due to a few reasons that are:-

    • Genetics
    • Weight gain
    • Ageing sometimes.


    Last, whatever would be the cause of double chin but there are numerous ways to get rid of it. From exercise to medicinal or surgery to maintaining diet, all are the possible and effective ways which people who are having double chin can try to reduce their double chin. Above mentioned all information about double chin with detailed exercises and also about the treatment are easy and enough to understand which can help you get rid of a double chin. Apart from the surgeries, doing the exercises correctly and regularly with maintaining diet and drinking plenty of water are the only effective ways which can seriously help you reduce your double chin. Follow every step seriously and maintain it regularly and experience the difference on your own. You will definitely get the positive desired outcome which you were longing for.