Does Vitamin C Serum Works on All Skin Types?

Do you have very sensitive or too dry skin or a normal one? Then Vitamin C serum is for you. Yes, it's right it is used for every skin type. Either that is very oily, Vitamin C serum helps your skin to balance the oil and brings a natural glow from inside. For the sensitive skin, it helps to bring a beautiful texture in the face without makeup because for the sensitive one nothing suits perfectly in the skin but it plays a vital role. Now if you have acne-prone skin and you are disgusted with your pimples then we will recommend you to try Vitamin C serum. So whatever your skin type is try this product and apply it on your face and see the result.

How helpful Vitamin C Serum is for all skin types-

When it comes to skin, people become sceptical about using any cosmetics as different cosmetic products come with different purposes and limitations. There are products which come for a particular skin type for the consumer so that considering their skin type whether it is oily, dry or sensitive, they can choose the product and can apply for the desired benefits. But here comes the Vitamin C serum which has been created considering all the good and helpful benefits which work effectively and soothe all skin types. Yes, Vitamin C serum works in all skin types which will be discussed further to explain more sufficiently.

  • Oily Skin

  • Well, there is an excess number of people who are frustrated with their oily skin which is the main causes for many other skin issues like acne, blackheads, whiteheads as oily skin trap the dust and pollution making the skin pores full of dirt which makes most of the product ineffective and maintaining such skin types is one of the difficult tasks in all season. But here Vitamin C serum acts perfectly with its non-greasy texture absorbing smoothly on the skin as it comes with an Ascorbyl acid which is considered as the potent antioxidant that counteracts the free radicals formed due to pollution and sun damages and also sometimes using products containing Hydrogen peroxide for getting fairer skin complexion. There is a myth that it does not work on the oily skin. But it is wrong. If you have tried a lot of moisturisers or branded dry creams but nothing works trust us, Vitamin C serum has its own magic. It entirely balances the oil of the skin and helps to grow also it does not let the pimple grow in your face.

    How to use Vitamin C serum on oily skin

  • Dry Skin

  • Another skin type is dry skin which most of the people have to deal with. Skin gets dry when it does not get the proper amount of moisture and tends to dehydrate causing the skin to let dry which can be the reasons for causing skin redness, patches spots, itching and many others. People having dry skin have to suffer a lot during the winter especially and during the transition period of seasons but here come the no worries with vitamin C serum which appears as a blessing to all the people who want to work on their face but in an easy and smooth way. For extremely dry skin it nourishes the face tissues properly and enhances it. Vitamin C serum contains Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate which is one of the main components of this serum and works especially for dry skin by hydrating it enabling moisture to retain on the skin and helps in decreasing the transdermal water loss. 

    How to use Vitamin C serum on dry skin

    For all seasons the application for vitamin C serum will be different. In the wintertime, you will have to use it three or four times a day. And in the Summertime, you can use it for 2 or 3 times. It helps your skin to nourish entirely from the inside and it reduces the complete dryness of your skin. If your skin is extremely dry then apply it three to four times in the summertime also.

    •  Sensitive Skin

    Sensitive skin is also known as a combination of skin which is again another skin type which is very common these days. The word naturally suggests to the skin which is more liable to inflammation or adverse effects. People having sensitive skin have to suffer a lot from the cosmetic products based on some extreme chemical composition or anything related to the chemical as these products may harm their skin and cause the side effects. People with sensitive skin have to depend on the natural or organic way for their skin where Vitamin C serum can stand for them as this serum comes with great texture which helps in reducing inflammation or redness occurred on the skin and balances the PH value of the skin making it healthier. 

    How to use Vitamin C serum on sensitive skin

    In this skin type, nothing suits perfectly. But having glowing skin is always desirable. So you can try Vitamin C serum on your sensitive skin firstly with a very tiny drop, apply on your skin and see the result. If it works perfectly without having any rashes or blemishes then try it two times a day for beautiful glowing skin in every season.

  • Acne-Prone Skin

  • Acne can occur in all skin types whether it's oily, dry or sensitive depending on other external factors as well like pollution, UVA  rays from the sun and various others by which almost everyone is suffering. Our eating habits or diet also can be the reason for occurring acne on the skin which one has to maintain. But Vitamin C serum is really a miracle here which can solve all the skin problems as this serum is suitable for all skin types which just make the serum perfect for everyone. It will help you to close the skin pores and kill all the bacteria which causes pimple.

    How to use Vitamin C serum on acne-prone skin

    For this skin type use the serum for one time a day and see the result for at least one week. If it is really helpful for your skin, apply it 2 times a day daily. But for your acne-prone skin, hygiene is very important. It helps to kill all the bacterias and gives you a glow if you can use it perfectly on your acne-prone skin. For all the Seasons you can use Vitamin C serum on your skin type.

    Let's Sum Up

    Vitamin C serum is always helpful for every type of skin. In every season you can easily use Vitamin C serum. Sometimes in winter skin gets too dry and in summer it gets too oily. In both situations, Vitamin C serum is a very helpful product. If you are going somewhere with makeup just before the makeup use a little drop of it and your makeup will be so glowing on your face. And the glow comes naturally. And after removing your makeup your face will be still glowing. Even without makeup, it is really great and usable for both men and women.