How Long to Wait After Applying Vitamin C Serum?

Do you know Vitamin C serum is the only product that takes a very minimal time to produce a perfect glow in your skin? Any other cosmetics take time to work on any type of skin. Moreover, it gives a special effect to the skin that any makeup fits easily and without makeup also you can go everywhere you want.

Well, there are different cosmetic products and their process of uses, which users have to consider while using or applying for the effective result. Similarly, Vitamin C serum, one of the best anti-aging serum for the glowing and flawless skin, and for using this serum one has to consider certain things which will be discussed here. This product is surprising everyone with its effective formula which is created to make skin healthier and flawless.

How to apply Vitamin C serum?

Every user should try for a patch test to know the risk or harm for the allergic reaction with any serum or lotion which they are planning to apply or use. Though Vitamin C serum has a very lesser chance of risk still it's good to try for a test and to move further.

For Patch Testing
    • Choose the minor area of skin which you find easy to conceal like the forearm.
    • Apply a little amount of serum and for a few hours.
    • If there is no irritation then one can continue applying on face.

If the test passes well and perfect, then the user can apply regularly once or twice a day on their skin. They can either apply at night after cleansing or toning the skin before going to the bed so that serum can remain whole night on your face for the best result or can apply at a day under their makeup as this can easily fit as a layer on the skin. 

For applying before the make up
    • Wash your skin or face.
    • The user who prefers toner can apply toner.
    • Now apply Vitamin C serum on the face and neck.
    • Considering the thinnest to the thickest rule apply moisturiser after applying Vitamin C serum.
    • For under eye, users can apply under eye cream who usually prefer.
    • Apply sunscreen if one is all set for an outdoor.
    • Now last, one can start their makeup.

There are various ways of applying Vitamin C serum on the face which depends on the suitability and convenience of the users. Few prefer applying on the night and few prefer applying on the day, both the ways are perfect as long as you are giving enough time to absorb the serum on your face for the best result.

Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic acid

If someone is looking for the answers that how to use Vitamin C serum and Hyaluronic acid together then here the answer is, follow the rule of thinnest to thickest and apply Hyaluronic acid which appears to be little thicker gel-like density after applying Vitamin C serum which appears to be thinner in density and apply moisturiser before Hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C Serum and Retinol

While talking about Vitamin C and Retinol, both are a remarkably effective ingredient for the skin care product. But using both together would cause skin irritation, so it is better to use vitamin C serum and Retinol separately considering different times of the day. If someone is using Vitamin C serum in the morning then they should use Retinol at night or vice versa as per their preference.

Also, it is advisable if someone wants to use both together then they should at least maintain 30 minutes of the gap in between the application.

Let's Sum Up

A Vitamin C serum has so many advantages that you can have only after using this only for a few days. The most prominent advantage you can have is that it gives a perfect glow instantly. You just need to add one drop of serum in your one hand and rub with the other and pat your hands in your entire face and instantly you will get the fairness and the glow that any other cosmetics can not give. Now, whenever you will use the makeup on it your makeup will be glowing instantly.