How soon one can see positive results from vitamin c serum?

Today in this glamorous world, don't you wish to look perfect and ageless? There are so many types of various cosmetic products for skin which are formulated considering all skin types for their benefits. And considering flawless or perfect skin, vitamin C came into the picture like other different cosmetic products which is seizing all over the market by its effective results.  Well, Before knowing anything about vitamin C serum let's know what it is first and why we use vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C Serum and its benefits

Vitamin C serum is an anti-ageing skincare product which has an antioxidant in it as a major component which hinders the creation of pigment in the skin helping fading dark spots and reducing wrinkles for more glowing and healthy skin. 

It is surely a good product which benefits all skin, so let's know what all benefit users can get from it.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • There are many cosmetic products for skin where users have to depend on their skin types knowing whether it's oily, dry or sensitive. But Vitamin C is good for all skin types and works effectively in all skin. 

  • Hydrates Skin
  • Vitamin C allows the skin to retain the moisture by lessening the transepidermal water or moisture loss as it has Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate which is one of the compositions of vitamin C that helps in hydrating skin.

  • Skin Brightening
  • Another effective benefit which has been seen in every user is that Vitamin C really helps in brightening the skin by fading pigmentation or hyperpigmentation including age spots, melasma and sunspots which arises due to overproduce of melanin in distinct regions of the skin.

  • Promotes Collagen Production
  • Collagen plays an important role in maintaining wrinkles and fine lines which appears to happen due to lack of it. Collagen is a commonly appearing protein which gets depleted over time but here Vitamin C helps in stimulating the production of collagen for anti-ageing skin.

    • Protection Against Sun damage

    Sun is also the main reason these days causing damages in the skin by molecules named free radicals from which one has to stay protected. And for protection, there is Vitamin C which has a rich amount of antioxidants which makes the skin cells healthy and protects them from sun damages.

    How to use vitamin C serum?

    Many people don't know the exact process of using Vitamin C serum. After purchasing you must be thinking the serum is used with the dropper only. But that is a wrong process. The correct process is only applicable while it is applied warm to the skin. You just need to have only one drop in your hand and rub it with the other hand and when it is warm apply it to your skin entirely and see the glow!

    How soon one can see the positive results from Vitamin C serum?

    Once the user starts applying vitamin C serum on the skin regularly as per the guidance, it may start working with apparent progress in three weeks. It takes three weeks and within this week one can see or notice the positive results from Vitamin C serum. Moreover using this serum one has to keep in mind certain things to avoid negative impact which has very fewer chances to occur but following that guidance would be the best for the users for more positive and effective results.

    Let's Sum Up

    Before any type of makeup either that is normal or bold Vitamin C serum is a must. It is perfect from the sensitive to acne-prone skin type. Rather than using any moisturiser, a Vitamin C serum is more effective for a glowing skin result. But a real serum can give you an effective result because a normal serum gives you a glow but makes the skin slightly dark but a perfect Vitamin C serum with a good brand can give you a proper glow with the skin lightening process. There are so many Vitamin C serums in the market available to fool you. So it is very important to choose it wisely. Hope this article has helped you a lot in selecting the best serum.