Things a Bride Must do Before a Month of Wedding

Marriage is one of the most important occasions of a person’s life. Every person wants to live this day of their life and celebrate it in a special way. For the bride, it is extremely important to stay fit, hydrated and feel cared for from one month before the wedding. She should enjoy the last few days of her bachelor life to the fullest. Instead of whiling away all your time on thinking about what you will be doing on your wedding day, plan out what you must be doing and which are the things you must not miss out on.

If you are planning to arrange your own wedding, there is a huge burden of work you need to look into. So, one of the first things you need to do is make a list of the things you need to look into. There is so much to be taken care of a wedding, from pre-bridal photo shoots to making the list of the invitees. There can not be one thing you can miss out on, everyone wants their wedding day to be the most perfect one.

Things to do 1 month before the wedding

Make a list

Firstly, make a list of the things you need to look into. Be it catering service, the transportation, to every minor work should be there in your list. Even your dates to go to the parlour! 

Dividing Work

The next thing you must look into is delegating work to your family members, friends and relatives who are going to help you throughout the occasion. To have a grand occasion you need to have the heads and hands to work together. Just like to put up a great show, all the musicians should be at their best so is it in this case. From arranging the music to the food and drinks, involve everyone on your happy day. Ask them to make calls, visit them and fix the contract for your wedding. 

Get the wedding cards printed

Select a design and layout for your customized wedding card and get to the shop. Order the number of copies you need to send to your guests. Get them after they are done and then sending them to the respective guests' house is again a lot of work which you cannot forget. A formal invitation is still a large part of a wedding.

Making all the bookings

Book hotels for the guests, the wedding venue and the party venue everything has to be booked beforehand. You should at least book venues keeping one month in hand to get good rooms and hotels. 

Get everything done

Getting appointments at the salon, booking photographers and videographers for the wedding day, giving up final headcount to the caterers, the music, the food and the drinks everything should be in place before time. Get everything ready beforehand to avoid last-minute rush which often makes things go wrong.

Go Shopping!

How can a wedding be complete without a lot of shopping? Get with your cousins and friends to get the best suits for your wedding. Go for a colour which suits you the most and try looking for costumes of that colour. 

Finding yourself!

The most important thing you should do before getting married is living your life being yourself without having someone else to think about. From planning your bachelorette to your honeymoon it's a roller coaster ride in a marriage. 

Things to do before 7 days

Get the perfect dress

When only 7 days are left for your big day, do not forget to trial your dresses for the last time. There are wedding stresses which might have made you lose weight and so the last moment checking to have the perfect fitting of your wedding dress is very necessary. 

Shopping matching accessories

Last-minute shopping is to be done on this week just before the wedding. From matching accessories to gifts for the guests the list is almost endless. So it is very important to make a list of the things to be done. 

Getting everything set to go!

Collecting the already ordered materials from different shops is again a tiring task. From sweets to jewellery to flowers everything has to be collected from the respective stores. Stopping at every corner of the road to collect your needs and then carrying all of them back home is a huge burden. So planet well and take your friends along with you while going for this job.

Check if the bookings are confirmed

Only when a few days are left for the guests to arrive you must keep their rooms ready. Delegate someone to pick up all the guests from different locations and also allow them a car. 

Also, have to look after the costumes of the bridesmaid

Whoever is the bridesmaid be it your friend or your sister, select a costume for her which is similar to yours, coordinate the colours and get the best clicks. Ask her to help you with the wedding gifts and to keep them safe while you are busy the guests. 

Do not hype up

Do not get stressed and mess everything up. Even if you have a lot of work left, make a list, get more people to work on it but do not go out of track. Keep a smiling face and entertain everyone.

Things to do before 3 days

Last-minute preparations

At the final hour before your wedding, you must look into the most important arrangements like the decoration of the wedding venue, hospitality of the guests who have already arrived and the places of lodging of the guests who will be coming a long way only to make your wedding a more fulfilling one. 

Get the revised guest list

Confirming the guest list and accordingly making the necessary changes in the other arrangements is necessary. Fixing the lodging places of all the guests, their food arrangements, making arrangements for the extra guests. 

Everything should be looked into. So delegate work!

Looking after catering if they are doing their work properly or if they need anything. But yes you need to be at your best on your own wedding and you can not manage it all alone. So you have to delegate all the work among your friends and relatives. 

Schedule the order of the events

Schedule of the event has to be ready before time so that the musicians and the decorators are aware of what to do and when. All the guests must have a copy of the schedule so that they do not miss out on any program.

Be prepared

Choose the nail paint and lipstick which goes with your wedding dress. Do not leave it for the last minute. Be authentic on your wedding day. Why should shoes be left out when you are attending to every accessory? Yes, look for the perfect shoe which matches with your dress. Trail the full costume of your day. 

Get to know the rituals

When only three days are left for your wedding you must get to know about the rituals especially the ones you have to perform. Knowing the rituals helps in the fast process of the wedding.

Beauty tips

You must keep your beauty regime simple so that it does not show side effects. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet and keep caring and pampering yourself. These are the days you must look the best of yourself. Your skin should be healthy and hydrated. 

Consult a professional wedding planner or friend

For the last-minute touches, you need to add to your dream wedding you will need to consult a wedding planner even if you are doing it on your own. Meet a professional planner and get to know about the things you must add or eliminate from the already set upstage. 

Get the lodging arrangement of the guests finalized

After revising your guest list you will have a fresh list of the guests who are confirmed. So all you need to do is get an arrangement of their lodging rooms or hotels.

Keep payments ready

Payments for all the arrangements should be kept ready to avoid last-minute hassles and confusions. Florist, catering services, transportation services, sweets everyone must have got an advance payment for the services. 

Things to do on the day of the Wedding

Engagement ring

One thing you must definitely take care of on your wedding day is your engagement ring. Your engagement ring should sparkle on your big day so get it cleaned from the jewellery store. 

Performing rituals

There is not much work for the bride on the wedding day. The bride is the queen of everyone's eye on this special day. Though there are not many arrangements she can look into on the wedding day you must allocate people to do the important work on your behalf. While you are busy with your wedding rituals someone or the other will always be there to look after the arrangements. Be it if the caterers need something or the decorators, someone is always there to do it.

Keep calm and enjoy

The only things you can do is go to the parlour, get yourself dressed in the best way. Keep yourself calm and enjoy your day. Do not get stressed and in the process, you miss out enjoying your own wedding. Spend quality time with your beloved. Enjoy the special moment to the fullest as it is a lifetime opportunity.


Weddings are one of the most special occasions in everyone's life. Making it grand and the most beautiful memory is everyone's wish. But many times it is not possible for some because of the budget, for some for the workforce. Making a budget and planning every small detail from the initial process makes the process very easy. Coordinate with the bridegroom to decide on the outfits for the special day. Do not miss out on the menu of your wedding. You can decide and arrange everything according to your own choice or you can also set up a wedding planner who will arrange your wedding in a more professional manner and also according to your choice.